Knox Box Program

Chesterfield Township Fire Department

Knox-Box Purchasing

The Chesterfield – Hamilton Fire District #1 participates in the Knox Box program. A Knox Box is a lockable, indestructible box placed on your residence or business that contains keys to your property. This box can only be opened by the fire department using a special key. This key is electronically secured inside of each of our fire trucks. Having access to a key to your property prevents us from having to force the door open or wait for someone to arrive during an emergency. The program is free to participate in and only requires the one-time cost of the Knox Box. Property owners can place more than just entry keys inside. It is common to find other documents, such as contact or medical info, maps of hazards, or any other pertinent information. To order a Knox Box, simply visit and click “Buy”. We recommend the 3200 series Knox-Box for most business applications. If you still have questions about the program, call (609) 298-3111 now to speak to an on-duty firefighter available Monday through Friday from 7 am to 5 pm or stop by the firehouse.

For more detailed information contact:

LT. Dave Raymond
Knox Box Program Coordinator
(609) 298-3111